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Crossroads Festival of Chamber Music 2017

"Crossroads Festival is scheduled for the weekend of 19-20 August this year and I have decided to plan it in honour of Richard Goldner, my late husband, who founded Musica Viva in 1945. It is twenty five years since his death and his contributions to our cultural life deserve to be celebrated. A refugee from Hitler's Vienna, he started Musica Viva from the proceeds of the sale of an invention made during World War II when he was considered an 'enemy alien' and worked for the Australian Army Inventions Directorate. His life is a fascinating one and may become the subject of a movie. Richard's contribution goes well beyond the founding of Musica Viva, and his teaching here and in the USA leaves a legacy of devoted former students scattered over the world.

I have the very good news to impart that the Goldner String Quartet, named in Richard's honour, will perform during this year's Festival"  - Charmian Gadd

Festival Philosophy

Music is a language and a culture that unites people in experiencing beauty and inspiration. It is part of the great artistic tradition bequeathed to us from the Renaissance to today. Music's marvel is its sheer inclusivity: all can share in the genius of the great composers and the exhilaration of hearing that genius brought to life in performance.


A Celebration of Youth - Saturday 19 August 11.00am

Charmian and Friends - Saturday 19 August 2.30pm

The Red Violin (TBC)

Music of Spiritual Inspiration - Sunday 20 August 11.00am

The Goldner Quartet - Sunday 20 August 2.30pm

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Greenway Memorial Chapel, 460 Avoca Dr, Green Point


Saturday 19 August:
11am, 2.30pm + evening film screening (TBC)

Sunday 20 August:
11am and 2.30pm


Full Subscriptions: $105 (no lunch) or $120 (incl. Sunday lunch)

Per Concert: $35 Adult; $15 Child; CC Con students FREE


4324 7477 - on sale now

Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.