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Afternoon Tea with the Balkan Ensemble

Proudly presented by the Pearl Beach Progress Association, the  June Long Weekend Music Concert will carry the audience away on a magical journey. There are many ways of listening to music, but the live experience in the intimate atmosphere of the Pearl Beach Memorial Hall is a truly memorable one.  Afternoon Tea with the Balkan Ensemble featuring Romanian Gypsy violinist Tinel Dragoi and String Quartet: Peter Garrity, Ziva Altman and Danny Morris. We will be playing some very special music passed on to Tinel from his father orally which is not written down and finding recordings of these are almost impossible. Two pieces you can find easily are Black Eyes and The 2 Guitars which are Russian folk melodies. Every piece will be catchy and enjoyable to listen to. That is the purpose of this music.

Romanian Gypsy violinist Tinel Dragoi comes from a well know musical family in Bucharest. His father is a famous accordionist and still performs regularly. Music is a strong tradition in his family and folk tunes have been passed on orally from father to son for generations. Many of these are unique to Tinel's family and his gypsy heritage and are not written. Tinel's unique ability to perform and move audiences is well know and he frequently plays in venues such as Sydney's prestigious Basement with a large fan following.  Tinel teaches violin at the Central Coast Conservatorium and has over 20 years experience as a performer and teacher. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) majoring in violin interpretation from the Conservatorium of Music in Bucharest, Romania and has performed with orchestras around the world.

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Pearl Beach Progress Hall, 9 Diamond Rd, Pearl Beach




Adults $40 (includes afternoon tea)
Students $25


Phone 4344 2319

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