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Premier Ensembles - Term 3 Concert

Our third Premier Ensembles Concert for 2017 will occur on Friday September 22nd at 7.00pm at Gosford Anglican Church, 3 Mann Street, Gosford.

The cost for tickets is Adults $15 and Children are now free.  Performing students do not need to buy a ticket.

To get your tickets, please phone the Box Office on 4324 7477. 


KATANDRA VOICES – a choir for High School to 21 years of age
1. "Thulele Mama Ya". Words and Music by Lisa Young from Cocos Lunch. This piece is inspired by the zulu phrase "thula mama" meaning "don't cry" or "don't worry mama". Katandra are performing their own improvised arrangement of this song with Djembe played by Nell Hudson, and small drum played by Ruby Archer.

2. "Take Me Home". Words and Music by Kevin Olusola, Kirstin Maldonado and Audra Mae. Arranged by Roger Emerson. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful harmonies in this beautiful song.

PRIMARY WIND ENSEMBLE – aka Super Band – an ensemble for Primary School students learning woodwind, brass, percussion and bass.
1. “Gridlock” - Michael Vertoske
Can anything strike fear into more people than a traffic gridlock? Stuck in the car for eons with no one to talk to but the immediate family, cell phones not working, computers at home, horns blaring, tempers get the picture. Michael Vertoske brings the dreaded gridlock into the band room to be tamed...and defeated

THE PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE – a small group of percussionist of all ages which looks at different types of percussion instruments
1. The Percussion Ensemble will be performing a Taiko Drumming piece by Sean Steele (Head of Percussion Department) called “Sapporo Yuki Matsuri”. The translation of the title is the Snow Festival in Sapporo Japan which is an annual celebration during winter to celebrate the snow. They have many Drum performances within all the street festivities and the rhythms in this piece are based on traditional patterns from this festival.

CC Youth Orchestra, CC Children's Choir and CC Philharmonia Choir - pieces from "Calling All Dawns"





Gosford Anglican Church, 3 Mann St, Gosford




Ticket Prices: Adults $15 Children Free


Phone 4324 7477

Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.