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CCCM Indigenous Scholarship 

Application for our Indigenous Scholarship program are now open.  

The Indigenous Scholarship Program at CCCM is a scholarship program funded through the generous support of our donors and supporters.  It is open to primary and high school students learning any instrument. Indigenous students are underrepresented in music education. This scholarship aims to address this gap by providing a pathway for promising Indigenous music students on the Central Coast. 

The Scholarship offers a music education package that includes musicianship (theory) classes, one-to-one instrument lessons and participation in an ensemble. The instrumental component of music education focuses on performance and technique, while the musicianship class ensures students's theoretical knowledge progresses in line with their abilities.

We believe the combination of theoretical and practical teaching produces the best educational outcomes for our student musicians. Students who learn to perform and contribute as part of an ensemble develop discipline, leadership and cooperation in a fun way together with other music students. Conservatorium students have the opportunity to perform as an individual and in groups. Our students are encouraged to attend professional concerts which are both inspiring and educational.


  • · Full Tuition fees for one-to-one lessons for 12 months
  • · Musicianship classes for 12 months
  • · Ensemble Participation for 12 months
The scholarship will commence in Term 2, 2021.


  • · The Scholarship is open to Indigenous students in Primary School or High School.
  • · The Scholarship is open to existing students of the Conservatorium, as well as new students.
  • · Scholarships may be withdrawn if attendance or commitment is deemed unsatisfactory
  • · Students must complete all relevant terms in 2021/22
  • · Students must enrol in at least one ensemble per term plus a Musicianship class

Students will be selected based on demonstrated musical ability, potential and commitment to music education.

To apply for the Scholarship fill in the online application form and send a link to a video audition to by Tuesday 13 April 2021.

For your audition, you will be required to play one solo piece, unaccompanied (student's
choice) between 1 and 5 minutes in length. Please list the full title and the composer of the piece that you have chosen for your audition.


The Scholarship funds a full program of one-to-one music tuition, musicianship and ensembles for 12 months. For more information please phone the office on 4324 7477.

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Term Dates

The Central Coast Conservatorium operates to NSW Department of Education School Gazetted Term dates

Term 1
Tuesday 28/1 to Thursday 9/4 
(Saturday Strings concludes 4 April)

Term 2
Monday 27/4 to Saturday 4/7 
 (Saturday Strings concludes 27 June) 

Term 3
Monday 20/7 to Saturday 26/7 
(Saturday Strings concludes 19 September) 

Term 4
Monday 12/10 to Saturday 19/12
(Saturday Strings concludes 12 December)

Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.