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Conservatorium piano student achieves high honour



The Central Coast Conservatorium of Music is pleased to announce that Jade Jiang is the recipient of an Associate in Music, Australia Diploma (AMusA), a high standard achievement for her Performance in Piano Awarded by the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB)* in a graduation ceremony held in Sydney.

At 19, few students reach this level. "It is a difficult exam to pass. It requires dedication, hard work, hours of practice, talent, and alove for music", said Jade's piano teacher, Svetlana Vokura.

In a 30-minute Recital Examination, Jade had to demonstrate an advanced level of technical accomplishment, a mature musical understanding, and the ability to feel and project the changing mood and character of the music.

Her performance program included music from the baroque and classical romantic periods, through to the 21st Century.

Although all pieces were challenging, Jade found the Australian composer of contemporary classical music, Carl Vine's Three Bagatelles "so abstract" and, "technically speaking", J.S. Bach's Prelude and Fugue, as the most demanding.

Coming from an artistic and classically trained family, Jade began piano lessons at age six. She is the granddaugher of Jiang Yu Lin, a piano player, violinist and composer of music for films. Her grandmother, Meizhen Wu, also known as Madame Wu, has an extensive career in producing classical Chinese dance. Jade's father, Jeffery Jiang played piano in his youth.

"I draw inspiration from all of them in different ways", said Jade.

Jade performs regularly at the Conservatorium's end of term concerts, eisteddfods, scholarship presentations and, retirement villages.

Her favourite pieces to perform are those with 'colour'. "I still love playing romantic pieces, but I've grown to enjoy performing 20th and 21st Century pieces, something which I never expected."

Jade's older brother Warren Jiang paved the way, studying piano from and early age. On achieving Grade 8 level he focused on developing a wide range of piano repertoire. He now plays jazz and studies improvisation with Dr Dorian Mode.

"I'd like to say I taught her everything I know, but truth is Jade has worked tirelessly on her craft and deserves all the achievement and praise that comes with it", said Warren.

Jade is a student at the University of Sydney studying a double degree Bachelor of Design Computing and Behavioural Science.

At the AMEB graduation ceremony, the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music received the Certificate of Distinction 2019 - Top 10 result in the category of Most Outstanding Studio or Music School, Grade 5 to Certificate, in all Instruments by the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB).

"Admidst the COVID-19 difficult and testing times, this national recognition of the high-quality teaching and learning that happens at the Conservatorium is certainly welcome news", said Patrick Brennan, Artistic Director and CEO of the Central Coast Conservatorium.

Jade Jiang Recital Examination Piano Performance Program:
J.S. Bach: Prelude and Fugue F Sharp Major BWV 858
L. van Beethoven: Sonata Op. 78
A. Skryabin: Etude Op.2 No. 1
C. Vine: Three Bagatelles
J. Brahms: Rhapsody in G minor 

*Reference: Associate in Music, Australia Diploma (AMusA). This is a diploma awarded by examination to outstanding candidates in the fields of music performance and music theory by the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB)

Top photo      Jade Jiang piano student 
Middle photo L-R Svetlana Vokurka piano teacher and Jade Jiang student
Bottom photo L-R Wei Yuan Jiang, Warren Jiang, Svetalana Vokurka Jade Jiang, Jeffery Jiang

Thank you Coast Community News for supporting music education on the Central Coast by publishing Jade Jiang's story.

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