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Beginning in August 2018 and throughout September and early October, Peter Brandon, immediate past President and now Secretary on the Board of the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music, will be facing the challenge of a lifetime!

Peter and his wife Anne will walk the Via San Francesco, also known as the Cammino di Francesco, from Florence to Rome via Assisi - a superb walking trail inspired by the life of St Francis of Assisi.  Then will then continue on to the Camino Portugues from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. The Camino Portugues, spans from Lisbon to Santiago and happens to be the route favoured by renowned lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho. It is a remarkable journey, admired by many.

The couple will walk a total of around 800 kilometres and will use their epic odyssey to raise funds for the Central Coast Conservatorium's new initiative, a Teachers’ Mini- Sabbatical. The Mini-Sabbatical has been developed to give music teachers from the Conservatorium, the time and financial support to engage in projects that are important to their artistic development and to build on the artistic knowledge of the Conservatorium teaching faculty.

The Mini-Sabbatical will accommodate a vast array of artistic pursuit, from travelling to study or undertake research, to delivering masterclasses, learning a new concerto, attending a conference, forming an ensemble, or composing a new work. It is designed to encourage networking and engagement with new concepts and ideas and will encourage connection and artistic exploration among musicians. The Central Coast Conservatorium’s Music Teachers’ Mini-Sabbatical will increase excitement and engagement for Conservatorium teachers and build a reservoir of experiences and connections that will resonate well into the future.

The Conservatorium would like to ask for your support of this valuable enterprise by pledging to sponsor Peter's walk for anything from 2 cents per kilometre upward. You can do this by logging onto the Conservatorium’s website and clicking on the Camino link to make your pledge. Peter will provide updates of his journey via a Facebook page and supporters will be able to follow Peter and his wife Ann’s progress through Italy, Portugal and Spain.

This will help the CCCM achieve an important goal of offering additional support and capacity for our dedicated teaching staff, and thus the entire music community on the Central Coast.

To pledge your support go to:  LINK


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