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Creative Music Play (Children Aged 0 - 5 years)

Our dedicated music teachers have a wealth of experience between them and have been nurturing babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school aged children for over 25 years.

All aspects of the musical brain are engaged in a fun and interactive program that involves singing, dancing, movement and various props to enhance their musical experience.

The babies and pre-school program embraces learning and social development through engaging in musical activities, singing and play including:

  • Songs and singing games
  • Bounces and rhymes
  • Beat and rhythm activities
  • Movement and listening skills
  • Percussion instruments
  • Music stories and puppets

Baby Classes 0 -2 years (30 minutes)

Accompanied by parent/caregiver who participates in all activities, we will:

  • Learn lullabies and rhymes to sing with your baby, bounce along to songs and have lots of cuddles.
  • Strengthen bonds between parent/carer through music.
  • Make new friends and build your community!

Toddlers:  2-3 year olds (45 minute class)

Lets Move!

Accompanied by parent/caregiver who participates in all activities, we will:

  • Jump, shake, roll, crawl and bounce!
  • Experience music through songs, story telling, puppets and games.
  • Musical concepts are explored including fast/slow, beat, high/low, soft/loud.

Pre schoolers: 4-5 years (45 minutes class)

Children’s independence is encouraged within this age group as we ask them to participate in their class without parent/caregiver joining in as soon as your child is ready.  Together, the teacher and children in these classes will explore:

  • Musical concepts which are further developed
  • Speaking/singing voice differences
  • Recognising musical pattern
  • Refining listening skills and in tune singing

Most importantly the classes are fun and are filled with the joy of music through musical play!

Children take home song sheets which become part of their music book.

They use this book for song recognition and to encourage singing at home.

Join our fun and interactive music classes today. Dedicated, experienced and qualified teachers.


Claim your creative kids voucher before you pay your tuition fee. Email us your voucher with your child's name and we will adjust your child's tuition fees and advise.

Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.