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Children's Music Program for Children Aged 5 - 10+ years

Our Children's Music Classes offer a tailored program for school aged children aged 5 to 10 years. This program embraces musical development and teaches music performance and theory at advancing levels as children progress through each level.

There are 3 levels in the Children's Music Classes Program.  Each level takes one year (four terms) to complete and students participating in this program will study choral work and learn to play a number of musical instruments.

Activities undertaken include:
  • In-tune singing
  • Music reading and writing on the staff
  • Solfa and hand signs
  • Beat/Rhythm
  • Playing various instruments such as Ukulele, Keyboard, Percussion instruments and Recorder.
  • Great fun!

Level 1, 2, 3 & CMP Express: Ages 5 – 10+ (1 hour class)

This program is based on a Kodaly concept which is a methodology for teaching music.

This is a sequential and developmental program which teaches children to read and write music.

We have a workbook which reinforces the children’s developing ability to sing what they see (sight read) and write what they hear (melodic and rhythmic dictation).

At various stages though the program, Ukelele, percussion and keyboard are introduced and developed.

This program embraces musical development and teaches music performance in groups and individually.

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Sequential programs


Level 1:

5-7 years

Beginners Kodaly Musicianship including music reading & writing. Pitch & Rhythm, Solfa. Choral pedagogy and Ukulele basics.

1 year program leading to Level 2

Level 2:

7-9 years

Developing Kodaly Musicianship including developing reading & writing, Solfa & Rhythmic work.  Choral pedagogy, Ukulele extension, Keyboard & Percussion basics.

1 year program leading to level 3

Level 3:

9-10 years

Advancing Kodaly Musicianship, Choral pedagogy, Ukulele extension, Keyboard extension & Percussion extension

1 year program leading to level 4

Level 4:

10 +

Expanded musicianship, aural skills as well as 30 minute private instrumental lesson

Young Musicians Program

CMP Express:

8–10 years

2 year express program for our older beginners incorporating Level 1-3.

2 year program which leads to Level 4.

Young Musicians Program for Children Aged 10 years and over

The Young Musicians program is for school aged children who have completed level 3 OR CMP Express

The young musicians program is designed as a transitional year linking the levels Program to our one to one instrumental program and graded musicianship classes.

Class lessons are replaced by the Young Musicians Program, a 45 minute group musicianship class to expand upon their musical knowledge, aural skills and imagination as well as an additional half hour private instrumental lesson, a weekly basis (on an agreed day/time with the teacher).

The concept of the Young Musicians Program is to retain the group class dynamic whilst nurturing students into individual lessons. It will help ease students into the Grade 1 Musicianship class at the beginning of the following year.

Join our fun and interactive music classes today. Dedicated, experienced and qualified teachers.


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Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.