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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Current status

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Central Coast Conservatorium Five stage response plan to COVID-19

Current status: Stage 2
(Updated August 2020)
CCCoM is functioning as normal.
All activities run as per pre COVID 19 this includes:
  • Student and Community ensembles and programs.
  • CMP and Musicianship classes.
  • 1 to 1 and group lessons.
  • Schools Program.
  • Student and professional concerts, masterclasses and workshops.
Escalated community risk, the CCCoM will instigate COVID-19 risk mitigation measures whilst maintaining the vast majority of programs.
Risk mitigation includes:
  • Strict social distancing for all on and off campus activities.
  • Elevated levels of cleaning and sanitization.
  • Risk assessment of all studios/teaching and rehearsal spaces will be updated. Any space failing to comply with COVID safe policy will be deemed unfit for teaching. Impacted teachers will be allocated new teaching spaces. Maximum number of people per studio will be clearly displayed on the door.
  • Risk assessment of all programs will be updated to reflect current State Government health advice.
  • Parents and other family members will be requested not to enter the site unless absolutely necessary or if accompanying a young child.
  • Any person entering the site must complete a COVID-19 declaration upon entering the site. This must be received and checked by the teacher ensuring that the student has indicated that they are well and viable to receive a lesson. Teachers must deliver these forms to administration prior to leaving the premises. No declaration, no lesson.
  • Teachers, staff, students and any one else must not enter the Conservatorium or associated venues if unwell. Zoom lessons can be offered where onsite learning is not deemed appropriate for either party.
  • If unwell teachers and staff must get a COVID-19 test with a negative result and be well prior to reengaging onsite with the Conservatorium.
  • Teachers and staff will be encouraged to wear PPE when onsite and utilise screens and instrument shields where possible.
  • Cancelling of concerts and public events where deemed untenable owing to social distancing requirements and or risk of virus transmission through airborne aerosols.
  • Community ensembles with an adult age demographic may commence rehearsals with strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols and government guidelines.
  • Youth ensembles will remain operational if deemed safe with strict COVID-19 risk mitigation measures in place. Risk mitigation will be based on NSW State Government Health Department advice which may differ on an instrument by instrument basis. Conductors/teachers will be consulted about how to best manage their ensemble and instrument types within the ensemble.
Due to NSW State Government Health Department advice, COVID-19 cases on the NSW Central Coast or within close proximity to our region or staff shortages.
The CCCoM will:
  • Maintain strict cleaning, sanitising and physical distancing protocols.
  • Cease onsite operation of all ensembles, classes and group activities. These programs will be maintained via VCL where possible. Programs not deliverable via VCL will cease to operate.
  • Maintain face to face teaching including the Schools Program where possible and deemed safe by the NSW Department of Education in consultation with staff.
  • Teachers may be required to teach via VCL.
  • All Conservatorium staff and teachers are encouraged to wear PPE where possible when teaching or working.
  • Staff may be required or may request to work from home to help mitigate risk and or to free up viable teaching/work spaces.
  • In line with current Government regulations students, staff and teachers are reminded that only 1 wind or brass instrument may be played in any space at one time.
Due to escalation of NSW State Government Health Department advice, COVID-19 cases on the NSW Central Coast or within close proximity to our region or staff shortages.
The CCCoM will:
  • All CCCoM teaching conducted via VCL.
  • Teachers may deliver VCL lessons from CCCoM or from home.
  • A skeleton administration staff will be maintained on site with the remainder of the administration and management team working remotely.
  • The CCCoM ceases all onsite school based teaching where the schools have quarantined external providers from teaching or CCCoM management deems these activities unsafe in line with State Government advice.
  • This includes all ensembles, individual and small group teaching at schools where the school has quarantined its activities to only school staff.
  • CCCoM Schools Program activities will be delivered remotely via VLC where possible.
CCCoM lock-down.
  • The wider community is in lock-down.
  • The CCCoM is shut down and no students or staff will be onsite until further notice.
  • The CCCoM will be guided in this decision by the NSW Department of Education, Association of NSW Regional Conservatoriums, State and Federal health authorities.
  • Where possible all CCoM operations will be maintained remotely.

Central Coast Conservatorium Schools Program Operations.
  • All Band Rehearsals in Schools have been cancelled
  • Online Workshops to replace face to face band rehearsals until restrictions are eased
  • Students Tutorials being delivered in one of the following two ways:
    • In schools face to face as one to one lessons for all instruments except for percussion and bass guitar which can still be delivered in groups.
    • Via VCL (Zoom) outside of school hours for teachers who are unable to do face to face tutorials or where schools have restricted access to all external providers
Central Coast Conservatorium Operations and Events.
Please find below an updated list of current operations/cancellations:


On campus with social distancing measures in place:

  • 1-1 lessons on request

Via Video Conferencing Lessons (VCL) Platforms (Zoom / Skype)

  • 1 to 1 lessons via VCL (Zoom or Skype) 
  • Musicianship via VCL (Zoom)
  • Children’s Music Program via  via VCL (Zoom)
  • Saturday Strings Program
    • Mini Strings via VCL (Zoom)
    • Junior Strings via VCL (Zoom)
    • Senior Strings via VCL (Zoom)
    • Technique Class via VCL (Zoom)
    • Chamber Orchestra via VCL (Zoom)
    • Chamber Music via VCL (Zoom)
    • Rotary Strings via VCL (Zoom)
  • Small Ensembles (more information coming soon)



Rehearsals CANCELLED until further notice:

  • Central Coast Youth Orchestra Tuesday 5-7pm
  • Symphonic Wind Orchestra Wednesday 5-7pm
  • Primary Wind Ensemble (Superband) Wednesday 5-7pm


Central Coast Concert Band Community Ensemble rehearsals 

CANCELLED until further notice:

  • Recorder Group
  • Conspirito Flute Ensemble
  • Central Coast Concert Band
  • Central Coast Philharmonia Choir
  • Symphony Central Coast


Cancelled Student Concerts/Events

  • Premier Ensembles 3 Concert
  • Guitar End of Term 3 Concert
  • Piano End of Term 3 Concert
  • Vocal End of Term 3 Concert
  • Adult Soiree Concert


Cancelled/Postponed Professional and Community Affiliate Concerts

  • Symphony Central Coast remainder 2020 Season 
  • Concertante Ensemble remainder 2020 Season
  • Central Coast Chorale remainder 2020 Season
  • Central Coast Philharmonia Choir remainder 2020 Season


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Term Dates

The Central Coast Conservatorium operates to NSW Department of Education School Gazetted Term dates

Term 1
Tuesday 28/1 to Thursday 9/4 
(Saturday Strings concludes 4 April)

Term 2
Monday 27/4 to Saturday 4/7 
(Saturday Strings concludes 27 June)

Term 3
Monday 20/7 to Saturday 26/9 
(Saturday Strings concludes 19 September)

Term 4
Monday 12/10 to Saturday 19/12
(Saturday Strings concludes 12 December)

Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.