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Resources for the I Got Rhythm #2 - 12th May 2018

If you've registered your interest to be a participant in the workshop, you might like to have a look at these resources and practice some of the exercises.  Don't worry if they seem difficult at first, the Trio will take you through them on the day.

Watch these Videos:

I GOT RHYTHM II promo Part 1 Polyrhythms
I GOT RHYTHM II promo Part 2 Polyrhythms

Study notes contain suggested listening, things to think about

IGRhythm Study Notes IGRhythm Study Notes (22 KB)

Practice these Displaced Rhythms

IGRhythm Disp Figs IGRhythm Disp Figs (9 KB)

Look at these ways of notating swing 8th Notes

IGRhythm Disp Figs Swing 8s IGRhythm Disp Figs Swing 8s (8 KB)

Practice these exercises on Strong and Weak Beats and syncopation using weak beats

IGRhythm Strong Weak Beats IGRhythm Strong Weak Beats (9 KB)

Practice these exercises on syncopation using 8th notes

IGRhythm Sync 8th Notes IGRhythm Sync 8th Notes (12 KB)

Triplet subdivisions exercises

IGRhythm Triplet Subdiv IGRhythm Triplet Subdiv (8 KB)

Vamps (or loops) on "Moondance" and "Watch what Happens" to practice

IGRhythm Vamps for Vox Tunes IGRhythm Vamps for Vox Tunes (11 KB)

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