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Our Program

Central Coast Conservatorium is a recognised leader and facilitator of education in all aspects of music performance with an emphasis on the young. Our varied programs will take the student from a baby enjoying music and instinctively learning about rhythm and rhyming, right up to a professional level musician.

STEP 1: Creative Music Play (0 to 5 yrs)

Our dynamic and stimulating classes are great fun and operate in a happy, caring and welcoming environment (read more)

STEP 2: Children's Music Program (5 to 10 yrs)

This program embraces musical development and teaches music performance and theory at increasing levels as children progress through each class. Children start at Level 1 and there are three levels in total, each taking one year to complete (read more)

STEP 3: Young Musicians Program

The final step in the Children's Music Program is for school aged children who have completed either Level 3 or Introduction to Music. This level is designed as a transitional year linking into our one to one tuition program. Students are exposed to different instrument families so they can decide for themselves which instrument best fits them (read more)

STEP 4: Private Lessons

Students graduating from the Young Musicians Program are now ready to take up the instrument of their choice.  You can also enter private lessons at any stage and age.  Simply complete an enquiry form or phone the Conservatorium on 4324 7477. We will aim to match you with a suitable teacher on a day and time that is mutually agreed on (read more)

STEP 5: Musicianship

Part of a well rounded musical education is the addition of Musicianship (or theory) classes.  We commence Musicianship at Grade 1 level through to Grade 7 and Composition (read more)

STEP 6: Ensembles

Once you have mastered your instrument, you are ready to play in a group situation. We have ensembles for all levels of players and on most instruments (read more)


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Term Dates

The Central Coast Conservatorium operates to NSW Department of Education School Gazetted Term dates

Term 1
Tuesday 28/1 to Thursday 9/4 
(Saturday Strings concludes 4 April)

Term 2
Monday 27/4 to Saturday 4/7 
 (Saturday Strings concludes 27 June) 

Term 3
Monday 20/7 to Saturday 26/7 
(Saturday Strings concludes 19 September) 

Term 4
Monday 12/10 to Saturday 19/12
(Saturday Strings concludes 12 December)

Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.