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Dr Mike Mitchelmore



Cert Ed, MA, PhD   

Chairman, Joint Schools Project of the Mathematical Association of Ghana 

Vice-President, Mathematical Association of Jamaica 

President, Jamaica Musical Theatre Company 

Chairman, School of Education Committee, University of the West Indies, Jamaica 

1991 -1998     
Treasurer and Journal Editor, Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia 

Member, Higher Degrees Committee, Macquarie University 

Treasurer, Kuringai Youth Orchestra   


Michael has devoted his professional life to understanding the processes of teaching and learning mathematics at all levels. As a teacher in Ghana, he organised a team of educators to produce the first secondary mathematics textbook ever to be written by local teachers. As a lecturer in Jamaica, he pioneered research into the special difficulties that students brought up in a non-industrialised culture experience when learning mathematics. As a consultant at the Leibniz Computing Centre, Munich, he helped many a student and professor analyse and interpret innovative research. And as a professor in the School of Education staff at Macquarie University, he has produced many innovative insights into the role of pattern and structure in the learning of mathematics, especially in early childhood. Over the years, he has presented his findings at conferences all over the world and has written numerous mathematics textbooks and over a hundred articles in academic journals.  

Michael is also an experienced educational administrator. Apart from the leading committee roles listed above, he has been Vice-Dean of the School of Education at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica; coordinator of the Masters of Education and Diploma of Education programs at Macquarie University; and Director of the Centre for Research in Mathematics and Science Education in the Australian Centre for Educational Studies at Macquarie University.

Music is one of Michael’s deepest loves. He has sung in a large number of choirs, including the Trinity College Chapel Choir, Ohio State Chorale, Jamaica National Chorale, Stuttgart Philharmonic Choir, Munich Motet Choir, Sydney Philharmonia, Sydney Chamber Choir and Coro Innominata. He has also appeared in solo and choral roles in several Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, Rogers & Hammerstein musicals and Verdi operas in Ghana, Jamaica, England and Germany, and occasionally plays a New Orleans jazz piano.

Michael is always finding ways to combine his professional experience with his musical interests. He assisted his wife, the violinist Elisabeth Mitchelmore, to organise the Amabile Players and establish their long-running concert series in Sydney. He played a leading role in founding the Kuringai Youth Orchestra, which offers talented young classical musicians on the Upper North Shore of Sydney advanced orchestral opportunities. He has also carefully observed his daughter’s progress in learning the violin up to LMus and frequently shares pedagogical and psychological reflections on music learning with Elisabeth.   Among his other interests, Michael particularly enjoys woodworking¾from making a harpsichord from native timber in Ghana to making sets with Gosford Musical Society. He has also developed and maintains three web sites devoted to family history and is a qualified futsal referee.  

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