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Phoebe Cormack

Music Therapy & Vocals

Phoebe Cormack is a Registered Music Therapist with several years experience working with children and young adults both in a group or individual capacity. Phoebe is the founder of Phoebe's Musical Chairs which provides Music Therapy and Music Education.

Phoebe uses music to develop children's ability to engage positively with others, develop good social skills, the tools to develop good imagination and individuality as well as self regulate and be empowered. Her private practice also caters for children accessing the NDIS. Her current areas of expertise are within early intervention, community parent and child groups and young adults mental health.

During the past 12 years, Phoebe has set up the music therapy programme at Bear Cottage, a paediatric palliative care facility, collaborated with Art and Drama therapists, working with children to encourage resilience and a positive relationship with individuals self esteem and mental health. She brings a wealth of knowledge in ways to use music Therapy in an engaging way that focuses on fun, creativity and play to encourage children to feel empowered by their emotions.

Recently Phoebe has teamed up with Mandy dos Santos, from Little People Nutrition, to form Musical Kitchen. This platform uses original music written by both from a clinical perspective. It hopes to bring a positive food relationship to children, for them to understand that connection to food, how it is grown, how it is prepared and how we form good relationships through sharing food at meal times.

Master of Arts In Music Therapy, Vocals BMus.SCU
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Tuesday 28/1 to Thursday 9/4 
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Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.