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Concert List - Professional

The Con Artists Central Coast Conservatorium of Music Teachers' Big Band
The Central Coast Conservatorium of Music Teacher’s Big Band is one kick-butt ensemble!
Dance to Lindy Hop, Jitterbug or simply enjoy the swinging music of Benny Godman, Artie Shaw and count Basie.
GADD & SHOVK BEETHOVEN 3 The Complete Sonatas for violin & piano
Beethoven - The Complete Sonatas for Violin and Piano - Concert 2
CC Philharmonia presents John Rutters' Requiem
John Rutter wrote his Requiem in 1985. He was 'influenced and inspired' by Faure's Requiem which 'crystallized my thoughts about the kind of Requiem I wanted to write: intimate rather than grandiose, contemplative and lyric rather than dramatic, and ultimately moving towards light rather than darkness.'
Symphony Central Coast - Blues, Reviews Avenues
Classical turns jazzical. Swinging syncopation, wailing brass, the blues. The Sharks against the Jets. A tang of colours, bustling, brilliant, exuberant. Follies, Tonys and Broadway regards.
Phoenix Collective 2019 Concert 4 Ye Olde England
Works set to put your heart at ease, dream of luscious green pastures and mother England. Violin and piano sonatas by Delius and Elgar topped off with one of the most exquisite work in the violin repertoire The Lark ascending by Vaughan Williams.
Concertante Ensemble 2019 - Favourites
A treat of a Christmas concert including works by Vaughan-Williams, Albinoni, Respighi
Premier Ensembles 2019 Concert 4
Join our top ensembles in their end of term concert. Hear-warming, inspiring, awesome concerts featuring: Central Coast Youth Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Orchestra, Primary Wind Ensembles and Special Guests.

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Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.