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CMP - Children's Music Classes (Age 5 - 8)

This course contains three sequentially arranged levels for children who have enrolled at school. It is an ideal follow-on for children who have attended the preschool course as well as being suitable for children with no previous experience.

Level 1 – 1 hour classes:
1 hour Musicianship class (incl. Choral work from Term 2)
In Term 3 students are introduced to the Ukulele

Level 2 – 1 hr 15 min class (Gosford only):
45 min Musicianship plus 30 min Group Instrumental
Semester 1 (Terms 1 and 2) = Keyboard & Percussion
Semester 2 (Terms 3 and 4) = Choral work

Level 3 – 1 hr 30 min class (Gosford only):
1 hr Musicianship class & 30 min instrumental
Semester 1 (Terms 1 and 2) = Keyboard & Strings
Semester 2 (Terms 3 and 4) = Woodwind & Brass

Level 4 – 1 hr class (Gosford only)
Level 4  Is a transitional year linking CMP to our one-to-one instrumental program. Class lessons will continue as an extension to Level 3 and Intro to Music while the ½ hour instrumental lesson is introduced on a weekly basis. The concept is to retain the class dynamic while nurturing students into individual lessons.

Intro to Music – 1 hr 30 min class (Gosford only)
Students learn a new instrument each term)
Keyboard, Percussion, Strings & Recorder

The course involves singing in sol-fa music reading and writing activities, playing of percussion instruments and demonstration instruments. During the third year of the course, the program extends to include 30 minute group instrumental lessons in addition to regular class activity. This provides an opportunity for children to try different instruments. This often includes keyboard, violin and additional percussion.  Children who are in K-1 at school commence this course at Level 1 class.

Children 7-10 years old can enter this course via Intro to Music class. During the year, children in Intro to Music learn to listen, read, write and play music using various instruments. Thorough training is given in the basics of music reading, rhythm and written musicianship.

Gosford Campus:  45 Mann Street, Gosford
Woy Woy Campus: St David's Presbyterian Church, Blackwall Road, Woy Woy

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Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.