Student Report Templates

Students reports are an important opportunity to provide feedback to the parents of your students (under 18s only).

In order to present reports that are consistent in quality across each department, please adhere to the guidelines outlined after the templates.

Woodwind template
Brass template
Strings template
Guitar template
Piano template
Vocal template
Drums template
Tuned Percussion template


  1. Direct your reports to the parent and make your comments realistic and honest.
  2. Provide comments that are both encouraging and constructive, but address areas of weakness that require attention.
  3. Make reference to the “General Learning Outcomes” on page 2 of the report document.
  4. Avoid casual language, and don’t refer to the student’s appearance or personal characteristics – unless it is pertinent to their musical development.
  5. Be positive and provide feedback on achievement. If you address concerns make sure they don’t come as a surprise.
  6. Provide a reasonable amount of comment – at least 50 to 200 words. The word box has unlimited word count and the text will get smaller the more you write.
  7. DO NOT attempt to alter or edit the template.  
  8. Save your department template to your hard drive and double (triple) check that your reports have been saved as you go. See NEW instructions on saving below.
  9. Complete and return to admin (

Use the following steps to avoid disasters like unsaved reports, skewed reports etc:

STEP 1- Download the appropriate template for your specific department.

STEP 2. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE IT TO YOUR HARD DRIVE FIRST- do not edit in preview mode!

STEP 3. Fill in a test report and to save it go to the printer icon (screenshot 1) , click on “Save as PDF” (screenshot 2) and Save using the student name and instrument (screenshot 3). (Confirm that your template works after saving and re-opening) . Repeat this STEP for each student.

When saving if you could use the following naming convention that would be most helpful.

Teacher initials_Instrument_S1_Student Name.pdf 

e.g.   CS_Piano_S1_JoeBeethoven.pdf

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact admin (

All of our corporate documents and templates are regularly updated by the Board and Management Team. However, if you feel a review is necessary, please don’t hesitate to submit an online feedback form.