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AMEB Exam Enrolments

AMEB exams are scheduled throughout the year and Central Coast Conservatorium students are encouraged to participate in these examinations in consultation with their teachers.

'Regional' examinations are held on the Central Coast while 'Metro' examinations are held in Sydney.

If you would like to enrol in an examination for this year, please select from the list below the examination session you would like to enter and follow the enrolment instructions. (Your teacher will assist you in understanding which session to select).


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Metro Practical Examinations (Held in Sydney)

Regional Practical Examinations (Held in Gosford)

Musicianship Examinations
Examination Dates: Online Examination
Enrolment opens:   Open
Enrolment closes:  15 December 2017
Enrolment: Form Below

Musicianship Online Exam Registration

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Regional Practical Examinations (Held in Gosford)

Practical Examinations
Examination Dates: 12 June to 1 July 2017
Enrolment opens:   Open
Enrolment closes:  Closed
Enrolment: Closed

(A late fee of $60/application applies to all examinations)

Last date for 50% refunds (see Enrolment Handbook for Details*)

* The Enrolment Handbook contains all of the important information you require to correctly enrol for examinations with AMEB (NSW) in 2017.

Online written examinations can be taken at any time. 

PLEASE NOTE that it is not possible to transfer between written examinations and online examinations.

FEES- please refer to Handbook for all Codes and Fees

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