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Children's Music Program

Is your child a mini maestro or budding Beethoven? The Central Coast Conservatorium’s Children’s Music Program, for babies up to primary school aged kids, is a great way to introduce your little ones to the joy of music with classes involving singing, dancing, movement and, of course, lots of fun!

The Conservatorium’s Children’s Music Program (CMP) is a sequential program for children aged 0 – 10 years, developed by a team of dedicated music teachers who have been nurturing a love for music in babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children for over 25 years.

Our dynamic and stimulating classes are great fun and operate in a happy, caring and welcoming environment. We encourage children to participate individually and as part of a group, nurturing their creativity and imagination and most importantly instilling a love of music.

About the Children's Music Program (CMP)

The CMP early childhood group classes (Baby Beats to Mini Maestros) are for children aged 0-5. The Young Musicians ‘levels’ program is for primary school-aged children (ages 5-10).

The teaching philosophy underpinning the early childhood music classes embraces learning and social development through participation in engaging musical activities and enagaging students in a fun and interactive program that involves singing, dancing, movement and various props to enhance their learning and class experience.

In Baby Beats and Mini Music Makers children are accompanied by a parent/caregiver who participates in all activities.

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Our CMP program is divided into the following stages:

Baby Beats (babies 0-2)

In Baby Beats the group will:

  • Learn lullabies and rhymes to sing with your baby
  • Bounce along to songs and have lots of cuddles.
  • Strengthen bonds between parent/carer through music.
  • Make new friends and build your community!

Mini Music Makers (toddlers)

In Mini Music Makers the group will:

  • Jump, shake, roll, crawl and bounce!
  • Experience music through songs, storytelling, puppets and games.
  • Explore musical concepts including fast/slow, beat, high/low, soft/loud.

Mini Maestros (pre-schoolers)

Mini Maestros builds on the skills and concepts from Baby Beats and Mini Music Makers, while encouraging children’s independence. Together, the teacher and children in these classes will explore:

  • Musical concepts which are further developed
  • Speaking/singing voice differences
  • Recognising musical pattern
  • Refining listening skills and in tune singing.

To extend in-class learning, all early childhood music students take home song sheets which become part of their music book. These music books encourage song recognition and singing at home.

Young Musicians

The Con also runs the Young Musicians program – tailored music education for school-aged children aged 5 to 10 years. This program embraces musical development and teaches music performance and theory at advancing levels (1-4) as children progress. Each level spans one school year (four terms). Students will study both choral work and learn to play several musical instruments.

Program Age Sequential Programs Duration
Level 1 5-7 Years Beginners Kodaly Musicianship including music reading & writing. Pitch & Rhythm, Solfa. Choral pedagogy and Ukulele basics. 1 year program leading to Level 2
Level 2 7-9 Years Developing Kodaly Musicianship including developing reading & writing, Solfa & Rhythmic work. Choral pedagogy, Ukulele extension, Keyboard & Percussion basics. 1 year program leading to level 3
Level 3 9-10 Years Advancing Kodaly Musicianship, Choral pedagogy, Ukulele extension, Keyboard extension & Percussion extension 1 year program leading to level 4
Level 3 9-10 Years Advancing Kodaly Musicianship, Choral pedagogy, Ukulele extension, Keyboard extension & Percussion extension 1 year program leading to level 4
Level 4 10+ Years Expanded musicianship, aural skills as well as 30 minute private instrumental lesson Young Musicians Program
CMP Express 8-10 Years 2 year express program for our older beginners incorporating Level 1-3 2 year program which leads to Level 4