Guide to Purchasing an Instrument

Deciding to purchase an instrument for your child can be a big decision and a difficult one to make with so many different options available.

For the majority of the instruments used in our school bands, we recommend sticking to well known, reputable brands such as Yamaha and Jupiter, as well as Wessex for the lower brass instruments. There are many other more cheaply advertised brands available, however we strongly advise against purchasing many of these as they are often not that well made, can be difficult to play and often have more maintenance issues, making the experience of learning an instrument a frustrating one.

For beginner to intermediate students the following instruments are a great starting point:


  • Yamaha YFL-212
  • Yamaha YFL-222
  • Jupiter JFL700 Series


  • Yamaha YCL255
  • Jupiter JCL700


  • Yamaha YAS 26
  • Yamaha YAS 280
  • Jupitar 500 Series


  • Yamaha YTR2330
  • Jupiter JTR 500


  • Yamaha YSL154
  • Jupiter JTB 730 (500 Series)


  • Jupiter
  • Wessex

For students moving past the beginner or intermediate level, please speak with your child’s teacher for further recommendations on what you should be looking for.