Instrument Hire

We understand that buying instruments is not always possible and may not be viable if your child is just starting out.  For this reason, Central Coast Conservatorium offers the instruments for hire to students.  

Conservatorium Students

Schools Program Students

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The hirer is to follow guidance from tutors in keeping the instrument in good condition. The instrument must also be in good condition when returned to the Central Coast Conservatorium. If returned with damage, the Conservatorium reserves the right to charge the hirer for repairs.

NOTE: If the instrument needs repairs during the term of hire, please contact the Conservatorium and we will arrange repairs. If the damage is determined to be caused by the student, the warranty on the instrument may be voided and the hirer must pay for the repairs. If a non-warranty repair is required, the hirer, with the Conservatorium’s permission, can source a qualified instrument repairer themselves.

  • The instrument is considered the responsibility of the hirer until returned to Central Coast Conservatorium.
  • The hirer must ensure the instrument is insured under their own contents insurance.
  • If the instrument is lost by the hirer, stolen or damaged beyond repair during the term of hire, the hirer agrees to compensate the Conservatorium for its replacement value.
  • The hirer must pay their band fees and instrument hire fees on time to be eligible to hire an instrument.  Non-payers may be refused hire.
  • Instrument hire is subject to availability.