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AMEB Exam Enrolments 

AMEB exams are scheduled throughout the year and Central Coast Conservatorium students are encouraged to participate in these examinations in consultation with their teachers. 'Regional' practical examinations are held on the Central Coast while 'Metro' practical examinations are held in Sydney.  Students and teachers will be advised when the conservatorium opens enrolments for each session. 

To enrol a Conservatorium of Music student for an AMEB practical exam, please talk to the student's teacher about which grade exam to sit for and check with the teacher to see that they will be ready to sit the exam. Once you have discussed with the teacher, please contact the Conservatorium office to progress your enrolement.

The AMEB charge exam fees to cover costs such as the examiner's fees, exam reports, certificates etc. A small Conservatorium administration fee of $10 is charged per exam in addition to the AMEB exam fee to cover the Conservatorium's costs involved to enrol students. 

AMEB exam information is available at

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