Contemporary Ensembles

The Contemporary Ensembles are exciting groups where students explore and learn to perform more current styles of music including rock, pop, and blues.

During the sessions, students will learn to interpret a lead sheet (melody line and chord changes), improvise, and perform as a group.

Intro to Improv

The Intro to Improv group class is held on Thursday nights at Central Coast Conservatorium in Mann Street, Gosford, from 6.15pm-7.15pm with resident jazz master Ash Turner.

Aimed at high school musicians, the Intro to Improv sessions will offer students an introduction to harmony, rhythm and improvisation over all types of tunes including blues, rock, pop and jazz.

For students who have already developed the skills of reading music and basic theory and are most likely playing in existing ensembles, this group provides an introduction to the skills needed to express their creativity through the language of music. There is a focus on fun and learning simple tools for developing musical creativity.

Jazz Ensemble

The Jazz Ensemble is a great opportunity for students on a variety of instruments to learn how to play jazz and contemporary music in a band.

Students learn how to improvise, build their performance skills, acquire a thorough understanding of jazz harmony and theory, and perform jazz and contemporary repertoire.

Entry is by audition, with students given the opportunity to perform for the Conservatorium at concerts and public performances throughout the year.