Youth Orchestra

The Central Coast Youth Orchestra (CCYO) is our leading ensemble, renowned for its exceptional level of musicianship and captivating performances that feature a professional orchestral repertoire including symphonic standards and new contemporary works.

The CCYO program develops the skill sets required of student orchestral musicians to perform in this genre, with many going on to study music at a tertiary level as well as being involved with programs such as the Regional Youth Orchestra NSW.

Rehearsals: Tuesdays 4.45 – 6.30 pm.

Location: Presbyterian Church, 14 Young Street, West Gosford

Conductor: Patrick Brennan

Video Audition Requirements:

Students interested in joining the CCYO – who meet the below outlined pre-requisites – are invited to apply by submitting a video audition meeting the following guidelines:

  • auditionees must play one scale.
  • auditionees must play one or two pieces of music that demonstrate their current playing level and skills.
  • video is limited to 5mins.


Woodwind:      Min. AMEB 6 or equivalent

Brass: Min.      AMEB 6 or equivalent

Percussion:     Orchestral or Symphonic Wind Ensemble experience

Upper String:   Min. AMEB 6 or equivalent

Lower String:   Min. AMEB 5 or equivalent

Conducting and Teaching Music Program

Members of the CCYO are eligible to join our Conducting and Teaching Music Program.

 The Program offers developing young musicians the opportunity to extend their orchestral music education in conducting and musical pedagogy. It provides essential skills and knowledge to help students develop as a musician, teacher, and conductor.