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Whether you're into Charlie Puth (left) or Chopin (right) there is plenty of piano inspiration at Central Coast Conservatorium of Music.

From Chopin to Charlie Puth – all piano fans catered for at The Con

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Whether you’re a fan of TikTok music sensation Charlie Puth or more of a Chopin fan, there is plenty for all pianists at the Central Coast Conservatorium. 

Did you know we actually have around 40 keyboards and pianos here at the Con? That includes 14 upright pianos, 16 electric pianos and seven grand pianos.

From our fresh hi-tech Keyboard Lab – home to our popular Keyboard Club, and new audition-based Kawai Sing Program to our brand-new  – including our brand new Kawai Shigeru SK-6L Concert Grand now in situ in Robert Knox Hall, there are many ways to learn and experience piano at the Con.

One-to-one lessons

Just about everyone knows something about the piano but did you know that the piano is actually a percussion instrument?

In ancient times keyboard instruments such as the harpsichord, an ancestor of the modern day piano, had a mechanism that plucked the strings in the body of the instrument to create the sounds. Over time this changed to a mechanism of hammers that hit the strings to generate sound.

Today we often think of the piano as a solo or accompanying instrument but the piano/keyboard offers  much more than that, being found in all kinds of ensembles from symphony orchestras to rock bands and beyond.

Learning and playing piano will allow you to play many types of musical styles from classical to jazz and even more contemporary music. Having piano skills will also help you with music theory, composition and songwriting.

View our piano teachers here.

Keyboard Club

Keyboard Club program aims to make learning the keyboard both fun and engaging through participation in small group classes.

Led by our expert music teachers Aaron Carey (Tuesday and Thursdays) and Kimberly Gilbert (on Saturdays) – both former Central Coast Conservatorium of Music students – this exciting program provides students with the opportunity to build a fantastic knowledge base of musical techniques that will assist them not only with keyboard playing, but any other instruments they choose in the future.

“The Keyboard Club is all about introducing your child to music through the piano with a cost-effective and enjoyable approach – a winning combination for their musical journey,” said CCCM Head of Piano, Carl Schmidt.

Carl added he was excited to see his former student, Aaron, now inspiring other young piano players at the Con.

“I have had the privilege of guiding Aaron from the early stages of his musical development. His innate passion and talent for music have been evident from the start. Aaron is a versatile musician who excels not only in playing the piano, but also in singing. He has a great spirit of generosity and enjoys passing on his musical knowledge to others, sharing his abilities and joy of music through his teaching.”

Keyboard Club takes place in our new Keyboard Lab at 45 Mann Street on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

For Keyboard Club timetable click HERE

NEW: Kawai Sing Program

The Kawai Sing Program is a weekly group keyboard class and vocal program for students (maximum 10 per group) in Year 3-4 starting early 2023.

“This program is aimed at kids on the Coast who show a strong interest in music and also have an interest in singing but haven’t necessarily had any formal singing or keyboard lessons,” said Central Coast Conservatorium of Music Artistic Director, Patrick Brennan.

It is a cost-effective way of gaining music education that includes both singing and keyboard skills and gives students the ability to come together in a cohort to learn transferable skills on an instrument, as well as singing and to feel the joy of being involved in a group activity.

Kawai Sing is a scholarship program sponsored by Kawai and is designed as a pathway program to keyboard and singing lessons. Entry into the program will be via audition. 

There will be one 45-minute keyboard class once a week (day to be confirmed) held at 45 Mann Street, Gosford, and a group vocal session on Monday afternoons at Gosford Presbyterian Church, West Gosford.

Click HERE to register your interest in the Kawai Sing Program.