Level 1, 2, 3 & CMP Express: Ages 5-10+ (1 Hour Class)

Our Children’s Music Program offers a tailored music education for school aged children aged 5 to 10 years. This program embraces musical development and teaches music performance and theory at advancing levels as children progress through each level.

There are 3 levels in the Children’s Music Program, with each level spanning one year (four terms) to complete. Students participating in this program will study both choral work and learn to play several musical instruments.

Program Age Sequential Programs Duration
Level 1
5-7 Years
Beginners Kodaly Musicianship including music reading & writing. Pitch & Rhythm, Solfa. Choral pedagogy and Ukulele basics.
1 year program leading to Level 2
Level 2
7-9 Years
Developing Kodaly Musicianship including developing reading & writing, Solfa & Rhythmic work. Choral pedagogy, Ukulele extension, Keyboard & Percussion basics.
1 year program leading to level 3
Level 3
9-10 Years
Advancing Kodaly Musicianship, Choral pedagogy, Ukulele extension, Keyboard extension & Percussion extension
1 year program leading to level 4
Level 4
10+ Years
Expanded musicianship, aural skills as well as 30 minute private instrumental lesson
Young Musicians Program
CMP Express
8-10 Years
2 year express program for our older beginners incorporating Level 1-3.
2 year program which leads to Level 4.