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Central Coast Children's Choir

One of the keys to success of the choral program is that it is a 3-tiered program that caters to ability and age groups, facilitating not just enhanced musical development and the teaching of age appropriate repertoire, but also better social outcomes.  The tiers of the choral program in 2015, which follows the highly regarded Kodaly method, are:

Song Crew
5-8 yrs old - Song Crew is our intermediate/training choir and rehearses Thursdays 3.45pm to 4.30pm
Central Coast Children's Choir
The Central Coast Children's choir is for school students in years 3-6.  Children must be 8 years old to join this choir which rehearses Thursdays 4.30pm to 5.45pm
Katandra Voices
Katandra Voices caters to High School students from Yr 7 up to Young adults of 21 yrs. This choir rehearses Thursdays 6:00pm to 7:00pm
The children and young adults who are currently in our choirs choir range in ages from 5 to 18 and come from all corners of the Central Coast.  Coming together once a week to rehearse, they perform regularly at Premier Ensembles Concerts and Community Events such as Anzac Day and Christmas Carols.  Our choirs are also regularly invited as special guests to events around the coast and also in Sydney.
Location: Robert Knox Hall, CC Con
Directors: Philip Rees

The Importance of Choir:
Listen as composer John Rutter delves deeply into the importance of choir in all aspects of life on "The Pepper Blog" - click here to listen

Entry is by audition - Register your interest here.

Mission Statement

We seek to inspire our Central Coast community to engage in and value music as an integral part of life through comprehensive music education and artistic endeavour.