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St. Joseph's Catholic College Flute and Cello Ensemble

Flautists flock to Robert Knox Hall for live recordings

Flute and cello students from St Joseph’s Catholic College and Central Coast Conservatorium of Music have joined forces for a world-first recording project in Robert Knox Hall. 

Embarking on a remarkable recording project, the St. Joseph’s Catholic College Flute and Cello Ensemble – under the guidance of Musical Director and CCCM Head of Woodwind, Rosalie Bourne – came together with past and present staff and students from the Central Coast Conservatorium in Robert Knox Hall for a world premiere recording of specially commissioned work by composer Ray Braswell. 

The collaboration resulted in the premier recording of a captivating original composition titled “An Irish Fantasy” which Braswell composed for and dedicated to the ensemble.

“With the invaluable contributions of sound engineers Tim Rees and Tim Scheumack, the premier recording captures the ensemble’s dedication and musical commitment and growth,” said St Joseph’s Music Teacher, Teresa Stephens who also performed with the ensemble.

“ ‘An Irish Fantasy’ gracefully intertwined the sonorous voices of the flutes and cellos, paying homage to Irish folk melodies and the ensemble’s dedication and development.”

“This collaboration nurtured mentorship and artistic growth as individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences worked together. The recording project acted as a platform for artistic exploration and the exchange of wisdom and guidance among the participants. 

“The two ‘Tims’ – two exceptionally generous and patient sound engineers – lent their expertise to ensure the recording captured the true essence of the ensemble’s performance. Through this collaboration “An Irish Fantasy” came to life. The ensemble’s partnership with past and present staff and students from the Central Coast Conservatorium beautifully showcased the unifying power of music and is a project all should be proud of.”

The recording will be out last this term.

CCCM graduate Jen Hankin returns to the Con for ABC recording

On Monday 10 July, Central Coast Conservatorium of Music graduate and composer Jen Hankin (The Emerald Ruby) and renowned flautist Sally Walker performed a pre-recording preview concert of five captivating flute duets commissioned by ABC Classic at Robert Knox Hall.

Originally from the Central Coast and now living in Newcastle, Jen Hankin, known by their artistic pseudonym “The Emerald Ruby”, has had a recent major success: a commission by ABC Classic and Jazz Composer Commission Fund. This highly competitive and sought after venture involves the creation, recording and performance of a collection of five captivating flute duets.

“Finding Fondness”, Hankin’s collections of Flute Duets were composed for her and her mentor Sally Walker to record by the ABC in July. The works reflect some of her challenging themes inspired by Jen’s late-diagnosed Autistic experiences, delving into personal struggles, government red tape, the pursuit of beauty amidst pain and the quest for calm and stability. The composition combines elements of instrumental folk and classical music while pushing rhythmic and textural boundaries and transcends traditional ideas of what flute duets sound like.