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Multi-talented student Kairavan Selvarajan learns guitar with Guy Strazz and also has trumpet lessons as well as playing drums, piano, violin and ukelele. He also plays in the Central Coast Conservatorium’s Primary Wind Ensemble.

When did you start playing music? I was two when my mum enrolled me in the Children’s Music Program classes with Mrs Yule at the Central Coast Conservatorium, just over 10 years ago. I was also a member of the Conservatorium’s children’s choir with Mrs Mac (Joanne McMahon) for a few of those first years.

Why did you decide to play the guitar? When I was in the Children’s Music classes I got a chance to learn the basics of lots of different instruments before I decided to start 1-1 lessons for the  guitar. I liked the fact that it’s a portable instrument. It also strengthens my “ear music” which is beneficial in allowing me to learn other instruments.

What do you love about playing music? There’s not much else that can set the ideal mood for anything and it’s a great go-to for me whenever I have some free time.

What’s the hardest thing about playing your chosen instruments? Storage and transportation. We may need to invest in a van somewhere down the line.

How do you make sure you do your practice?

We have a daily routine at our home. My siblings and I usually practice our instruments in different rooms of the house in the morning before we go to school. It makes us feel happy and ready for the day. Sometimes we practice songs together or I might help one of them achieve the right sound for their song. I really look forward to this start to my day because I get to share my enjoyment of music with the rest of the family….and sometimes the neighbours!

Who is your musical inspiration? This is difficult because music is such a key part of my family. I grew up listening to different family members sing or play instruments so loved being able to join them in my own special way.

What has been the highlight of your music career so far? Most recently I had the awesome opportunity to perform the guitar (acoustic and electric) in a wide variety of songs with several locally renowned young Tamil musicians and special guest singer Prakash K from Sri Lanka’s “The Voice” in front of a crowd of approximately 800. It was a concert organised by the Jaffna Hindu Ladies College Alumni to celebrate their 30-year anniversary. As a special bonus I performed with one of my mentors, my uncle Ganathipan Aruneswaran, and my sister Yaalini.

The other highlight happened when I performed in Laycock Street Theatre’s production of School of Rock. It was my first time singing and dancing on-stage and I really enjoyed learning from the other talented cast members. The experience really boosted my confidence.

What do you hope to do in the future? I have an interest in aeronautical engineering and will probably continue my enjoyment of learning and performing music.

If you weren’t learning the guitar, what other instruments would you like to learn? The flute, bulbul tarang (a string instrument from Punjab) and drums.

When you’re not playing – or practicing – what do you like to do? Play soccer, ride my bike and play computer games.