Piano Lessons

Just about everyone knows something about the piano but did you know that the piano is actually a percussion instrument?

In ancient times keyboard instruments such as the harpsichord, an ancestor of the modern day piano, had a mechanism that plucked the strings in the body of the instrument to create the sounds. Over time this changed to a mechanism of hammers that hit the strings to generate sound.

Today we often think of the piano as a solo or accompanying instrument but the piano/keyboard offers  much more than that, being found in all kinds of ensembles from symphony orchestras to rock bands and beyond.

Learning and playing piano will allow you to play many types of musical styles from classical to jazz and even more contemporary music. Having piano skills will also help you with music theory, composition and songwriting.

Instruments in the Piano/Keyboard Family include:

  • Piano
  • Keyboard
  • Harpsichord

The Conservatorium has expert teachers for all the instruments listed above which can be learnt on campus in a one to one setting or within our Keyboard Club in a group setting.

Conservatorium piano students can participate in the following Conservatorium programs and activities:

  • Musicianship
  • Keyboard Club
  • Solo and cross-department concerts
  • Adult Soiree (Adult students only!)

View Piano teachers here.